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North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Medicinal Plants and Natural Products Research Center


North Khorasan University of Medical Science medicinal plants and natural products research center, was found on June 2011 and was approved by the deputy of research and technology, ministry of health and medical education on Nov 2014. During these years of its activity, this center was a leading center in its field and now is one of the top research centers in NKUMS.


  1. Producing a medicine with natural origin
  2. Producing at least 3 products related to food industry
  3. Presenting more than 5 pure samples of natural composition
  4. Improving the quality of research projects and published papers in order to product new productions
  5. Conducting workshops according to center’s scientific abilities
  6. Collaboration contracts with other research centers in the country in order to conduct mutual projects
  7. Creating a database of medicinal plants in North Khorasan province
  8. Encouraging all faculty members from all schools in order to develop and expand their collaborations with this center
  9. Effective communication with national pharmaceutical companies in the field of medicinal plants and creating a suitable platform to establish knowledge enterprise with medicinal plants approach

Research fields:

  1. Phytochemistry
  2. Microbiology
  3. In-Vivo
  4. Cell culture


Department contact info:

Phone: (+98) 5831513016-17


Head of department

Dr. Peiman Alesheikh

Ph.D of Chinese Medicine

E-mail: alesheikhp@nkums.ac.ir



Recent Projects:

  1. Survey of antibacterial and antioxidant of Dichloromethane, Ethylacetate and Methanol extracts of endocarp and exocarp of Walnut
  2. Determination of extraction yield, phenolic and flavonoid content and antioxidants and antibacterial capacity from endocarp of Walnut using pressurized liquid extraction via modified supercritical fluid extraction



Dr. Peyman Feyzi : Deputy Manager

Dr. Farzaneh Shakeri : Research Deputy

Dr. Parastoo Zarghami-Moghadam : Microbiology Lab Expert

Ameneh Mohammadi : Chemistry Lab Expert



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