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North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Addiction and Behavioral Science Research Center


Addiction and Behavioral Science Research Center was established in 2013 with the aim of applied research in prevention and treatment of drug addiction and its psychiatric side effects. Main goals of this center consist of two parts:

  • Reducing social harms and risky behaviors in methamphetamine addicts and evaluating maintenance treatments specially in methadone maintenance patients.
  • Initial prevention of addiction in children and adolescents with substance user parents. In this center, different kinds of psychological interventions are provided and evaluated on the basis of group learning in adolescents with addicted parents


  1. Doing research in addiction- related social harm and the role of harm reduction approaches in decreasing violence, divorce and risky behaviors
  2. Doing research on initial prevention of addiction in children with addicted parents
  3. Doing research on reducing risky behaviors in maintenance methadone patients
  4. Reducing family harms in the family of crystal user patients
  5. Doing research on different kinds of psychological treatments for crystal user patients
  6. Doing research on different kind of medicinal treatment in crystal-related psychosis patients
  7. Doing research on educating methadone maintenance patients’ families.
  8. Doing research on increasing maintenance in patients under maintenance treatment.


Department Contact info:

E-mail: Absrc@nkums.ac.ir

Phone: (+98) 5832742087

Head of Department:

Dr Kaveh Hojat

Ph.D in clinical psychology

E-mail: k.hojjat@nkums.ac.ir


Recent Projects:

  1. The comparison of Retention in three methods with Methadone, opium and uprenorphine in patients admitted to addiction treatment centers In Shirvan.
  2. The effectiveness of group cognitive -behavioral psychotherapy on Positive changing of self-concept and irrational beliefs in male addicts in Bojnourd.
  3. The effectiveness of  group  cognitive -behavioral  training based on   reducing epression  on girl students who are living in dormitories
  4. Effectiveness of  choice  theory on marital satisfaction of methadone-treated addicted pouses and their rate of relapse in addiction treatment centers in Bojnourd
  5. The Relationship between Emotional Schemas and Anxiety, Depression and coping Stress Styles in Patients with coronary artery disease
  6. Effectiveness of Individual, Training of harm redaction Strategy in wires of patients in Methadone Maintenance Program on Retention in treat of heat Risky Behaviors


Faezeh Kaviani : research expert

Parastoo Niloofar : Statistician


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