• 2024/7/15
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Management of Cultural Affairs and Extracurricular Activities

This management is a sub-division of the Vice Chancellor for Cultural and Student Affairs. It is responsible for managing, training, and improving cultural needs of the students, staff and faculty members. It supervises a wide range of units like: Quranic activities unit, student associations unit, publications unit, faculties’ cultural activities unit, cultural affairs unit, scientific visits and entertainment tours unit, advertising and festivals unit, and films and books unit. Foremost activities of the cultural management are as follows:

  • Administrating all cultural and social affairs of university
  • Encourage students to participate in art activities, tours and festivals
  • Performing arts and festivals as well as organizing exhibitions
  • Planning various scientific and cultural excursions
  • Supporting student publications and associations
  • Supervising and organizing student tours
  • Supervising and organizing cultural, social, political and artistic activities and events
  • Planning and organizing training classes
  • Supervising and organizing national and religious celebrations and events
  •  Supervising and evaluating all the units under the deputy’s office

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