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North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Head Of The Hospital


Description of duties of the head of the hospital

1. Acquiring policies and instructions from the relevant supervisor

2. Supervise and manage the practice of patients by doctors treated in accordance with the rules and regulations developed in this case.

3. Supervision over the selection of hospital partner physicians in accordance with the rules and regulations and to provide the medical and non-medical staff required according to the treatment plan and type of hospital activity.

4. Supervising and commenting on the preparation of the letter and instructions required by the hospital and monitoring and implementing them.

5. Supervising and coordinating the provision of health care by the hospital's medical department.

6. Participate in medical board meetings to examine the health issues and paraclinical units of the hospital.

7. Establishing the necessary committees for hospitals, selecting the people of each committee, in cooperation with other authorities, and monitoring the good execution of the duties.

8. Study the reports of the various committee committees and try to resolve the problems and deficiencies in each case.

9. Review and supervise the good performance of duties and medical and paraclinical.

10. Supervision of finance, preparation of annual budget and registration of expenses and hospital revenues according to planned plans.

11. General supervision and supervision over good administrative and hospital services.

12. The necessary measures regarding the employment, expulsion, encouragement or punishment of hospital staff in accordance with the relevant regulations.

13. Supervision of the performance of the nursing school or related services and the training of employees during the service.

14. Action on correspondence and hospital issues with official authorities and other institutions as representative and responsible for the hospital within the scope of the delegation of authority.

15. Supervise and supervise the services and staff of nursing and resolve problems with the responsible responsible person.

16. Provide intermittent reports of hospital activities and other current affairs on health, health, administrative, and financial issues, and provide any proposals to address the general deficiencies of the hospital's expansion to the responsible authorities.

17. Monitor the evaluation of hospital staff to improve the quality of health services and other services.

18. Do other things that are referred to the supervisor in relation to the administrative duties.

19. Provide a report of activities, problems and improvements to the relevant supervisor.



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