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IUI ( Intra Uterine Insemination)

What is IUI? 

It is one of the auxiliary  method which by that way the sperm put inside the uteras .In the natural first step way sperm should be inter to the vaginal then via cervix  and fallopia tube inter to the uteras. Following to the IUI method they should wash sperms and directly put on the uteras to be in the nearest location to the ouanes this auxiliary method will increase the chance of pregnancy in young couple which confront to the reproductive disorders

 The IUI method is less invasive method than IVF and it is more cheaper than others. In more cases of in fertility the IUI method done befor IVF then some times this method cause fertility in depended.usage

In cases when the problem related to mens or the cauples eager to use the denation sperm infertility with no reason light endemetriam-lack of sperm disorder in primay part of ulerus-and reduce movement of sperm

The reason of doing IUI

In such case when the couples coldnot do IUI infertility method they should use other methods like IVF . The correct and appropriate way for selecting the methods is one of the responsibilities of docters.

The levels of IUI

IUI is one of the safe painless and non invasive method .Some times IUI will be occure in natural cycles that means it  occure without drugs or provode in natural way the pationt has normall cycle and if doctors.

confirm conditions they put sperm in uterus.generally pregnancy with IUI method is to provoke normall cycles and it is the first step of IUI method which they use some druges clomiphen citrate ,FSH ,HCG to relase and greath follicle  IF in this cycls release more than  one ovaries the pregnancy chance wille increase.

IN relasing ovuries docters  will reguest some tests or ultrasounds in several times.

Regulary the drags which use for preveking ovaries prescribed for 10 or 16 days the adeguate growth of follicles  was checked by docter during several visits then IUI was done sperm sampling  is another step in IUI .IN the morning of doing IUI the sperm  sampling  was taken from the spouse patient then washing the spearms is another step that were done they were washed in laboratory and those who have higher quality perpared to be placed in uterus regulary the IUI method donot need anesthesia and duration of this operation is takes 15 to 30  minuts long during the IUI method pation was lying on the bed and advice called speculum is inserted in to vaginal and the sperm with special device puthing up in uterns and  after doing IUI some hormonad drugs such as pregestron and prescribed for the patient that lasted till pregnancy perioud one day after this produre the pation has norestriction  on daily actiuties and 2 weeks after this method patient can time pregnancy test.

The success rote of IUI

The condasion rate of couple are different so it is not possible to accurately predict  the success rate . Some facters such as age diagnosing the couse of inferility and drugs which use to stimulate to ovaries can impress to success this method the fertility rate success based on couse of infertility physicion skills and infertility center equipment was different. the success rate of IUI was decrease in pation who has over 40 years old those who have 3 unsuccessfull perioud thing

The cost of IUI

Although different methods of reproduction pregnancy one expensive due to the use of various tools but it is more cheaper then other methods like IVF and it is different in different centers. As mentioned the dig success part of IUI related to expert staff and up to date equipment as result the best inferilitiy center can increase your chances of success . Our center considering all the cases try to provide the best facilities in department of embryology and IUI center among the most advanced airconditioners ike cleaning rooms or bulding management system are avvailable . That the sam af said factors can in crease success rate couples who refers in our center can do will the tests and altrasounds in one set and in less times the laboratory previde the possibility to check tests online . Our compassionate doctors and nurses considering the patient physical and mental cindition make every effert to meet the medicalneels of patients . Despite the existance of abvanced facilitis the cost of IUI is accordunce with the apprevals of the ministry of health . it is hoped that all the needs of the clients will be met according to the slogin of center .

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