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North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Clients Guide


Where is the nearest hotel?
Dariush hotel

Address: Bojnurd, North Khorasan Province

Phone: 058 3242 3771


How to connect to wireless Internet?

1. To connect to wireless network of the hospital, first turn on your device’s wireless, then select Connect, while your device is connecting to the network, please wait patiently.

2. Open the browser after the connection
3. Type the given password and log inin the proper field4. Having entered information and pressed “OK” button, you can access to the Internet

Patient’s Rights

Principle 1: Receiving good health care is among the patient’s right.
Principle 2: Patient should be provided with adequate and proper information.
Principle 3: The patient should be allowed to choose and freely make decision about receiving health care services.
Principle 4: Providing health care services must be based on respect to patient privacy (right to privacy) and the principle of confidentiality.

Documents needed for hospitalization

1. The attending physician order
2. Health insurance cardAt the time of a visit to the hospital, make sure your insurance card is with you. The admission unit keeps it till the insurance agent comes to confirm your hospitalization. Therefore, stay in your room the day after you are hospitalized.3. In the case you have supplemental insurance, get a letter of introduction from the related insurance company to submit to the hospital.
4. Melli/ ID card
At the time of a visit to the hospital, make sure all the already prepared medical documents of the patient are with you.

Hospital facilities

Prayer room
Super market
Taxi service
ATM machine
Public telephone
Copy and printing center




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