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North khorasan University of Medical Sciences



The ED is located on the ground floor of the hospital right at its front entrance. It has 12 well-equipped sections and one Isolation room. Outpatients or those with serious conditions are usually admitted through the ED. Right after being assessed by the staff at the triage, they will be referred to an ED physician, who is present there 24 hours a day.

In cases of outpatients with no critical conditions requiring them to be hospitalized, all necessary therapeutic measures are taken for them and then, they are discharged.Resuscitation (CPR) room is on the right side of the ED entrance. It is equipped with 2 hydrostatic beds, 2 cardiopulmonary monitoring apparatus, portable ventilator and CPR trolley infusion pump. In cases of heart arrest, a patient is transferred to this room and gets treated. All the sections supervised by ED are fully equipped with cardiopulmonary monitoring apparatus and central oxygen and suction. Also, there are emergency trolley and ECG device as well.The ED has two separate rooms for injections exclusively for male and female patients with all necessary equipment including beds and injection/dressing trolleys. Also, the department has been designed in a way that patients’ drop off either by their own means or an ambulance has been made easier. The department is even designed for paraclinic measures so that having access to all relevant sections and imaging unit (CT, MRI, etc) is facilitated. The ED works 24/7 with resident emergency physicians with 3 eight-hour shifts. A room has been dedicated to EPs at the ED for the purpose of their quick attendance. Nursing staff at the department have years of experience in the field and are in control of all possible situations.


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