• 2024/7/19
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences



Department of Public Health and Nutrition, School of Public Health

The Public Health Department of the School of Public Health was established in 2004 with two departments of family health and disease control. In 2018, the Public Health Group was changed to form the Nutrition and Nutrition Group.


  1. Promoting health and management knowledge at the national and regional levels
  2. Helping to maintain and improve the health of urban and rural communities

Group activities:

  1. Theoretical and practical teaching of licentiate degree students
  2. Basic research, applied in various fields as needed
  3. Providing advisory services in the field related to the expertise of the members of the group.
  4. Publication of Educational and Scientific Materials required by students.
  5. Holding and participating in holding seminars and scientific workshops at the college and university level.
  6. Coordination with the relevant units in the provision of appropriate student practical training.
  7. Communicate and collaborate with other university departments


The training of committed forces, familiar with the concepts of health to provide, maintain and enhance the health of the community, especially families, preventing and controlling diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy nutrition in the community.

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