• 2024/5/30
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Mission, Vision & Goals



  • Take effective steps in the fourth decade of development with a focus on justice and progress in line with the country's comprehensive scientific plan

  • Training committed and professional staff

  • Paving the way for providing the best quality services for stakeholders in research, educational, managerial and clinical aspects

  • Pioneering in training committed and professional staff with notable managerial skills

  • Playing arole in scientific organization of nursing and midwifery at the national level

  • Playing a role in health care management system of the country

  • Taking effective steps toward the growth and excellence of organization in clinical services delivery

  • Innovation in and development of clinical services

  • Improvement and promotion of clinical governance

  • Paving the way for evidence-based function in the society

  • Moving toward standardization and reduction of theory-practice gaps

  • Making efforts to teach Islamic materials considering professional ethics



  • Moving on the path to achieve the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran's 20-year vision plan



  • Upgrade the educational, research, and clinical capabilities of the faculty members

  • Promoting the role of faculty in research and educational affairs to provide national strategies

  • Improving research and educational services to promote scientific skills of the students

  • Development of Graduate Studies Faculty

  • Development of scientific informatics and communication with scientific research centers

  • Expansion and development of physical space of the school to optimize educational and research activities of the faculty

  • Strengthening the monitoring system of educational, research and clinical activities of the school

  • Promoting the role of faculty in research and educational affairs to offer national strategies in the field of nursing


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