• 2024/6/18
North khorasan University of Medical Sciences

Medical imaging



This unit is equipped with digital system. The images are copied on CD or Laser Imager by post processing software, and then they are printed on the single side films with high quality. Also, this section is equipped with PACS (Picture Archiving & Communication System). This system which archives the pictures digitally and transfers them through RIS plays an undeniable role in immediate diagnosis and consequently taking remedial procedures

The diagnostic services offered by this section are as follow:
Digestive System Radiographies:
-Barium Swallow
-Barium Enema (Single & Double Contrast)
-T.Tube Cholangiography

Urinary System Radiographies:
-Retrograde Pyelography
-Retrograde Cystography
-Invasive services including cerebral angiography, angiography of the upper and lower extremities, stenting, and emboloisation

The diagnostic services offered in this unit are as follows:
*All general sonographies
*All Color Doppler sonographies including:
- Doppler sonography of carotid and vertebral vessels in order to diagnose plaque and stenosis
- Doppler sonography of renal vessels in order to diagnose stenosis of the renal vessels, as well as renal thrombosis
- Doppler sonography of peripheral arteries and veins in order to diagnose stenosis, aneurysm, arteriovenous fistula, and DVT
- Doppler sonography of liver in order to diagnose hypertension port, vessel and tumor damages
- Fetus Doppler sonography in order to diagnose IUGR and anomalies
- Tumors Doppler sonography in order to diagnose vascularity
- Penis Doppler sonography by papaverin injection
- Sonography guided biopsy


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