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Designing and correcting the educational programs based on health and care 
system needs in North Khorassan University of Medical Sciences (NKUMS).
Organizing, planning, implementation and monitoring programs for improving 
quality of education among academic members.
Implementation of new tutorial methods for improving quality of education 
in NKUMS in the level of directing and monitoring.
Organizing and monitoring the academic members' evaluation and tutorial process 
Directing and observing the learner evaluation process and analyzing the exam 
results for improving exams quality. 
Directing and observingthe tutorial programs in clinical skill centers.
Organizing and monitoring the process related to recognizing the talented 
students for using them.
Directing and observing and providingthe budget for implementing researches 
on research in education
Directing and monitoring new teaching methods by using distance learning and 
electronic tutorial methods.
Directing, coordinating, monitoring and evaluation on scholar activities 
based on related protocols
Monitoring and coordinating the working activities in tutorial development 
Consultation with related authoritiesabout teaching problems.   
Consultation in designing and evaluating of continuous education program 
Participating in committees and official meetings based on rules and regulations.

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