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  1. Talented student identification and grouping them based on rules and regulations.

  2. Financial supporting of talented students in research fields.

  3. Facilitate talented students for enrolling postgraduate study programs via exception them from entering exams and using them for improving quality of education in NKUMS.

  4. Increasing innovation and management powers among talented students and owners of brilliant performance.

  5. Introducing talented students to public military service for using special offers.

  6. Organizing special teaching class and workshop for talented students.

  7. Introducing talented students for registering course up to 27 credits in each semester.

  8. Facilitating the talented students participation in international scientific congress

  9. Helping talented students for enrolling in two fields of study simultaneously.

  10. Sending talented students for participating in national level students' scientific Olympiad. 

  11. Holding first level of national scientific Olympiad.

  12. Supporting the research proposals by talented students and effective encouragement of students.

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