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Nowadays, education system is going to use new technologies. In concordance to ministry of health policy, NKUMS established educational technology unit under EDC for developing and improving scientific power, improving teaching skills, and developing quality and measure of educational media. Unit is going to use academic members and university employees for reaching this aim.

Main goal

  1. Improving the quality educational technology in NKUMS
  2. Managing educational technology in NKUMS in the guidance, monitoring, and evaluation levels
  3. Developing researches in the field of education and new teaching methods
  4. Providing financial and spiritual supports for educational media producers
  5. Improving measure and quality of educational media in NKUMS
  6. Providing financial supports for educational media and using them in medical teaching field
  7. Giving extra information to academic members and other employees about educational media
  8. Designing and providing post-graduate studies courses in the field of educational technology in NKUMS
  9. Equipping schools and teaching hospitals with modern learning assist tools. 

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