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Main goals

Improving quality of education and learning skills among lecturers in NKUMS

Improving quality of education and learning skills among students in NKUMS

Other goals

Doing research on education and introducing the results via papers, posters, and oral presentations

Increasing the quantity of research on education among academic members in NKUMS (at least one research for each five academic members)

Helping the academic members for participating in medical science education workshops

Preparing conventional and digital research material in the field of medical science education

Determining main milestones in research on education

Consultation with interested researchers for doing research on education

Publishing books related to research on education

Using the results of research for improving the education

Holding judging committees for speeding the research proposal in the field of education

Identification the needs priority in the field of research on education

Advising on research on education research projects

Publishing books on research on education

Applying the results of research on education investigation for improving the quality of education in NKUMS

Improving the quality and quantity of research on education investigations

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