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Secretary: Mr. Davoud Nasiri

Teaching unit: Mr. Ahad Latifiyan

Informatics unit: Mr. Amin Mahzon

Public relation (Gentlemen branch): Mr. Amin Amani

Public relation (Ladies branch): Ms. Khdigeh Haghshenas

Statistic and data bank: Ms. Zahra Hasandost

Publication: Mr. Reza Aliakbari

Field of Medicine: Mr. Hadi Nabizadeh

Field of Anesthesia: Ms. Khdigeh Haghshenas

Field of Midwifery: Ms. Masomeh Hasandost and Ms. Sepiydeh Sharif

Field of Operation Theater:  Mr. Ahmad Heydari

Field of Public health: Ms. Sona Mohammadi

Field of Nursing: Ms. Shima Nikbakht and Ms. Samaneh Hasan Abadi

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